Food, Food, and…More Food!

Today we enjoyed a family gathering for the holidays.   A bit early, but that’s OK!  When you have a family as large as my husband does, there’s sort of a lot to take into account with everyone’s schedules.  So…Christmas came early today!  And my children rejoiced!!! Since I have been gone and not actually

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Emeril’s Oven-Roasted Cauliflower

Question of the day: do you ever eat cauliflower? I can tell you that for most of my life, the only time I ever ate cauliflower was when it came from a raw veggie tray, along with broccoli and carrots, and gobs of ranch dressing. Recently, I have discovered another way to eat cauliflower that

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Cranberry-Orange Bread

With the nasty weather we’re having, this was the perfect day to spend in the kitchen!  I finally made another batch of those tasty granola bites (, since I didn’t get to last week when my daughter was sick.  Boy, have I missed them!  They are the perfect snack when you’re on the go. I

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An Intro To My Blog

Hi!  Let me introduce myself.  I am a full-time stay-home mom who loves to cook and bake, and I’m always looking for fresh new ideas to keep my sweet little kiddos well-fed and happy.  And my husband too.  He’s a preacher, so that makes me a preacher’s wife, which can make for an interesting life!

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